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    i have got a 120w laser from china - problem is when the manuals are translater its quite funny to read - but not funny when u are struggling to set it.....

    my question is can anyone help me set the focus of the laser (i think thats the problem) anyone is welcome to come round to my house on the wirral to have a play and use machine time as they want -

    any advice would be greatfully received, dont say ask the guy who made it - its like the wind.....

    many thanks

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    unfortunately you will need the information from the lens and the cutting head to set the focal length. Normally you would be able to adjust the nozzle depth by screwing it in or out of the nozzle holder so that you can get the focal point beyond the nozzle so the actual focal point is inside the material you are cutting, but to do this you would need the focal length to start with.
    Can you post a link to what you bought or the manual?


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    hi thanks for taking the time to reply to me

    this is where i got it from

    these are the manuals i got with it

    i can get it to scratch the surface of a piece if perspex but thats it - i can up the power and it just burns the plastic, so i am assuming ite the focus



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    it just scratches perspex and when i turn up the power it just burns the plastic

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    The manual is a classic! I can only think of one good use for it.
    What is your distance from nozzle to the work piece? It could be that you need to adjust this cutting height to get the focal point in the correct place. Does the laser require a cutting assist gas?


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    the distance is about 30mm but i have an up and down bed so i can make it more - if needed - but think thats the closest it can get

    it has an air supply direct to the head


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    now i am slowly losing the will to live

    this bloody laser just dont want to play - ive read the manual many times and it just wont play

    i cna get it to score or the techinacl term is "burn" plastic and 3mm mdf but thats just on the surface

    any advice or free bacon butties if you live close

    many thanks


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    30mm seems to be too far from the cutting surface. I would try to get this distance down to 1mm and try it again. The focal point shouldnt be that far away from the end of the nozzle. If you cant raise the bed or lower the cutting head try putting something under the material to try it.


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    thanks ian

    ill give that another go 2morrow - i did try moving the bed closer and seeing what happens but pretty much the same results



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    I did manage to get the web page you linked to to open after searching for it. The link seemed to go somewhere else.
    If you got one of their machines complete and ready to go them you shouldnt need to adjust the cutting head height. It looks to be pre-set.
    What power and mode settings are you using?


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