1. Good day all.

    I am trying to find a new key for my chuck, but I don't know where to start.

    All the standard chuck keys I have are way to small for this chuck.

    Here are all the details stamped on the chuck.

    Cardinal Mk II
    Pat No 651588
    No33 Taper

    Thanks for your time.
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    Measure the size of the (probably) square hole in the chuck for the key, then you should be able to find one to fit. If not I can make one.

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    This may help? The chap modified a K4 Jacobs chuck key for his MT3 tapered drill chuck. Looking at though you may get away with a 16mm chuck key?

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    Or contact these for the spec, the manufactured the cardinal many years ago :tup:



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    I should have noticed from the original post that it's a drill chuck, not a lathe chuck .

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    I have a 1/2" cardinal chuck, it's physically the same size as the 1/2" jacobs chucks
    I have and uses the same key. I think the jacobs are type 34. I will write down the key
    number and measure the diameter tomorrow.

  7. graffian: did you have any luck finding out any details regarding the key?

    The chuck pilot hole seems to be 5/16 [0.3125"] (7.9375mm).
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    Yes I had a look, I couldn't find the cardinal chuck but the key I use on jacobs 34 chucks came with the
    cardinal chuck. The key has a 5/16 pin and 11 teeth. The key I have is a jacobs and just has
    a 3 on it, but it goes with 34 chucks so it shouldn't be a problem finding one.

    The next size down key I have, which is for jacobs 32 chucks, has a 1/4 pin and 9 teeth.
    The next size has a .375pin and 12 teeth, that is for the jacobs 36 chuck.

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