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    the coupling was for a very odd conveyor system i`m fixing
    the motor is just a dc motor with 14mm shaft but thats fine if you cant do it not a problem

    didnt think the length would be much of a problem (80mm long)

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    No worries on the slitting saw Jonathan, Scot i now understand what you need. if this shaft is of any real length i would seriously consider a split or cushion coupling like an oldham? Like Jonathan suggested about being careful with doing the machining from one side only to keep things straight. If it is not you will get trouble later with breakages. Where abouts are you located Scot?
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    thanks guys i got it covered. i have no choice in the coupler the owner of the equipment wants it done that way
    i got volunteered to do the job by a friend i will have words with lol dont know why he volunteered me i only do this as a hobby
    got the keys to my friend workshop so i`m going to make and fit the part later just to get rid of the job

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    did look on ebay there was a few but not the size i needed
    anyway jobs done now made it my self

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    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    i need one for an 8mm and 10mm shaft sharpish if you have one handy jonathan pm me.
    I can make one soon enough, message sent.

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