ok still mulling this one (I'm presently abroad with too much beer addled brain time on my hands)

So I've got a way of ID'ing all the pad centres and differenting on size. As it transpires, bringing one of the output files from doe-pro.ulp into say cambam as an excellon file is probably going to be the easiest...becuase once in cambam I can easily visually ID all the different pads...delete the ones I don't want solder dispensed on....group very similar ones together (dose-pro.ulp seems to treat even slighly differeing pad sizes as totally different pad types - which is likely going to be a chore).

So then, I now have all the points in my cam app....I just need a way of getting the cnc machine to move to each point, lower, at a certain point trigger an output signal, wait a bit & then move on.....it looks like Mach3 has enough features to go that way (thanks jazz), but I really want to use USB CNC sw if I can ....which doesn't have the equivalent to Mach3's brain.

So I'm wondering what I can press into play by way of a CNC control/output.....mist & flood are the obvious ones, but at this point I need to declare my hand & never used them.

So...basic question (& apologies to Jonathan who has already touched upon this aspect) just where is control of for example mist brought into play? For example with drilling....is the mist typically switched on at the beginning of *all* the drilling operations (like a top & tail action)....or can it be switched on/offon per drill hole....eg drill lowers, just above the top of the stock, the mist is turned on, drill then lowers into the stock - mist stays on.....gets to the correct depth & raises....mists turns off?

Becuase if I can bring something like mist into play per Z 'descent', then this is an obvious avenue of exploration for dispensing solder paste.

Which brings me to my other question....where do you program the mist on off - in cam software? (or is it as kludgey as turning it on in the CNC software?)...any help enlightenment warmly received.