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    Hi I am clearing out some of my old parts from my stash to raise funds for a new DIY laser cutter build.
    Here I have for sale 4 sets of 400w panasonic ac brushless servo motors and drives.

    The drives can be configured to run off step and direction making them usefull for a mach 3 based machine.

    Price for all 4 drives and motors including all cables and interface software is 1000. I would like to keep these as a set as I only have one cable to configure the drives.

    Anyone intrested drop me an email for further details.


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    What's the part number of the servos and drivers?

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    Hi Jonathan

    All motors are MUMS042A1COS

    There are two different servo drives, 2 of each. They are.

    2 * MUDS043A1A
    2 * MSDA043A1A

    Encoders are 2500P/r

    Hope this helps,



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    forgot to mention the shaft diameter is 14mm on all motors

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