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    As the thread title asks, is this possible. If not can it be converted
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    I dont use either of them but the code should be compatible if it has been created for the same type of machine, ie milling and not turning and has the same axes as your machine, ie X, Y and Z. You would have to check and see if both programs support the same G code and M code functions and also if they both support the same type of file extension. You should be able to get the supported code lists for each software from their websites.


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    The answer is yes in the main, just remove the line numbers and change the post processor to suite EMC2. It will either load or will not so no harm in trying. As a sideline, a great tool for selecting text vertically for deletion have a go with this.


    It's free too :-)
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    You don't need to remove line numbers.
    From the EMC2 manual:

    "A permissible line of input code consists of the following, in order, with the restriction that there is a maximum (currently 256) to the number of characters allowed on a line.

    • an optional block delete character, which is a slash /.
    • an optional line number.
    • any number of words, parameter settings, and comments.
    • an end of line marker (carriage return or line feed or both)."


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