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    His feedback is rather interesting isn't it. Got a negative because he didn't want to accept Paypal. It says he now does accept paypal but is that true? I'd be a bit wary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Why do you say holding torque would be more important than feedrate? The forces on the cutter / machine are tiny when it's not moving!
    Just my ignorance! I assumed that when stationary, the motors would be maxxed out to prevent any movement .

    Thanks for that link 2e0poz, but he hasn't had a good start on the 'bay. Mind you, ebay can treat sellers like dirt

    I'll send you a PM Jonathan

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    Quote Originally Posted by artmin View Post
    Just my ignorance! I assumed that when stationary, the motors would be maxxed out to prevent any movement .
    When stationary is the only time the motors will deliver their rated torque, so 1.5Nm. To calculate the holding force you need to know the pitch of the ballscrew and the diameter. For example if it's a standard 16mm ballscrew with 5mm pitch and direct drive gives holding force of about 1880N with your motor, plenty!
    (Formula is F=2*T*pi/p where T is torque and p is pitch if anyone's interested)

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    Personally i would just use Gary at Zapp for this sort of thing, a no messing sort of guy.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Ok guys, I'm having a crack at this myself. I've got to learn sometime :naughty:

    I received a few bits through the post today, namely an EP002 power supply, 3 PM542 drivers & a 5 axis breakout board. I do have a few questions though if anybody can help please.

    1. On the EP002, do I connect the two 43V O/Ps together in parallel (12 to 14 to driver+ & 20 to 22 to driver-) or is this totally wrong?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    2. Do I need to connect the ENA+/- on the drivers to anything?

    3. With my 8 lead, bi-parallel connected, 1.7A unipolar motors, do I set my Driver O/Ps to 3.31A?

    4. What rating of fuse do I need to connect before each driver? I'm a bit confused whether I need to use 240v fuses & at what current.

    Many thanks in advance!


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    Just use either of the spades for + / - on the supply, they are connected together anyway. What motors are they? better to check the spec of them first but if you have no info then better to be just under the current rating and see how they perform. As for fuses i did not use any on mine so won't comment on that but i'm sure one of the others will?
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    1,3) As 2e0poz said, but probably 2.4A as bipolar parallel current is 1.4 times unipolar current.
    2) No, floating is fine.
    4) Do not put fuses between the PSU and the stepper drivers as a break in connection between them could damage the driver. They have internal protection, so just put a fuse on the mains input.

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    Thanks guys. Just laying the hardware out at the moment. Hope to get it wired over the next few days :)

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    Well I got it running last night

    I had to install EMC2 as I couldn't find anywhere in WinPC-NC to configure the port pins for the motors. I/P & O/Ps yes, but I have a hunch that my version is setup for Heiz machines only. Anyway, I'm finding EMC2 great! It's running, homing, backlash is dialled out of X & Y (0.04mm) & my VCarve pro EMC2 post processor is working great with it. Now I need a spindle. I am thinking about one of the water cooled Chinese ones but I'll order a Kress 1050-1 in the meantime as it will be a backup for the Heiz. My Original Kress has thousands of hours on it with about 6 changes of brushes, so I think it would be a wise move. It'll give me time to think what I'm going to make in this machine :lol:.

    Many, many thanks to you all who helped me out on this project :clap: Such a great forum!

    Now I understand (a bit) how these things work I feel a 4th axis project coming on.



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    Gavin good to hear you up and running and having fun
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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