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    I've ordered some nice hard wood to make my wooden coffee table with the in lay of a carved dragon (jazz is drawing up for me)

    now I wanted to make some extra special joints for the legs cut out on my CNC machine and came across this link and I was quite impressed so I thought I would share

    Here is the link

    has any one cut interesting joints on there CNC machine


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    Every time i see a post with an inovative project suitable for cnc i am amazed. Certainly spurs me on. Thanks
    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    has any one cut interesting joints on there CNC machine

    No but I've cut a few woods that smell like my Ex-wifes joints.:lol:

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    very funny Jazz is it only one ex-wife ??

    and all ex-wife's smell LOL


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    Wow James I've just downloaded the 50 joints and thats one very handy and helpfull thing you've found. . . Thanks.

    Suppose I better get on the case with the dragon now.!:dance:

    Edit: Bloody hell it even gives you the 3D Cad files for the joints. Thats amazing makes life so much easier can basicly have g-code in 5 mins be cut in 15. . . Even more WOW James
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    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    very funny Jazz is it only one ex-wife ??

    and all ex-wife's smell LOL

    One was too meny and there'll never be another promise you that.!!. . .I don't care how much Channel No5 she wears. .(Just don't tell the girlfriend I said that.:whistling:)

  8. Just got to the site and looks very interesting indeed. I might be able to use some of the in some work I am doing. Very interesting indeed.


    PS Just downloaded and started reading. This one will be going to be read in depth, lots of good ideas and information here. . Big thanks to you James for finding this site.:tup:
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    Thought I would bump this as I've download the awesome digital joints files, now all I need is a bloomin cnc machine to cut them with...

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