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  1. Yes prices are going up, and this is due to the US dollar to the pound changing.
    Only 6 months ago it was over $2 to the pound.
    I just paid $5000 to my supplier in china and got $1.48 to the pound.

    The rate is causing prices everywere to go up.
    The drivers have just gone up, and i suspect motors to go up very soon.

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    I noticed prices all round increasing just lately :(

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    The servos may still be an option now! ther eis a chance the gearboxes have survived the bin.

    I am still very unsure as to what torque rting i will need to be looking at (or other specs for that matter) to get this >400mm travel aluminium machining mill working smoothly.

    thanks for the help. Great knowledge base here.

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    Hows this build coming along Rich ?

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    A bit slow sadly.

    I have all the rexroth extrusion ready for cutting and a bosch 500W die grinder...But an imminent house move has slowed it up a little.

    I'll update ASAP i promise ;)

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    ok no problem mate !, where did you get the extrusion from ?

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    Originally RS.

    I bought it whilst working for an old employer (2 companies ago!) and a mate still works there. They where having a clear out and 6 metres of it had never been used and heading to a skip!

    My mate kindly swiped it for me with the corners and some other accessories.

    Its hellishly expensive and counting my luck with that one.

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    Ahh thats not to bad then mate, check out KJN, they seem to be ok for price's. I think i'm going to use extrusion for my next machine build.

    I'v just picked up a 500w Ferm router on ebay for 10, seems its just like the Trend T3 (older model to the T4), stiped it down last night gave it a clean and some lithium2 later it seems to be quite nice for the price. I cant see any movment (runout) on it, there is a few of them on ebay, the trend T's are going for 50-60 there is 1 or 2 T3's on ebay as well up for bidding and also on "buy it now" collets seem to be the problem. I'v just found a guy in USA selling a 1/8" to 1/4" collet at 12 inc p&p, seems i may have to if i want to use 3mm shank cutters :D

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