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    Today we have officially launched our CNC design and Mach3 training courses. We have been offering these courses unofficially for a number of years which has allowed us to develop a clear understanding of the general requirements these types of courses should cover. There are various online guides and video tutorials available on the internet which covers a lot of the basic questions however all our customers say that having someone with them teaching and guiding them is second to none. This type of course gives the customer the chance to progress at their own pace whilst being able to ask questions along the way regarding their own specific requirements.

    We offer a range of courses in VCarve/SheetCAM and Mach3 such as our very popular one day intensive course.

    This is a ‘crash’ course for CNC milling beginners as well as users that require a refresher course and is aimed at home and hobby users as well as light industrial and manufacturing users. This course offers a step by step demonstration of the complete process from job design to machining a job with your exact product requirements in mind.

    We start with an introduction to a general CNC milling machine setup and a tour covering the most used features of Mach3. We then continue to look at how to setup a machining job from the initial stages of design (CorelDraw, AutoCAD or other design program), Mach3 GCODE production (using VCarvePro 6.5, SheetCAM or other post processor) and finally importing code into Mach3 and setting up the job for machining.

    This course is a great way for a beginner to gain enough knowledge and experience to be able to start machining and be in production on their own after this session and the time can also be used to setup a hobby/small CNC milling machine.

    This course is also aimed at users that would like to experience using different software packages and discuss the suitability of each piece of software for their own needs. This course can also be tailored to users that require assistance setting up a specific job for production.

    Typical design and code production demonstrated in this course as standard includes text engraving, shapes and image engraving as well as basic manufacturing processes such as contour and pocket operations.

    We offer several other courses which focus both on Mach3 in greater depth and a course aimed at customers that require assistance setting up their CNC milling machine.

    We are continuously working to add new courses.

    Please visit our website to view our full range of courses.

    View our training here.

    You can also email us at info@simplecnc.co.uk for more information and to discuss your requirements.

    We would like to offer all MYCNCUK users a special offer of 10% off all course fees until 1st February 2012. Please quote 'MYCNCUK-LAUNCH' when contacting us.

    Many thanks
    Simple CNC Ltd
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    Hi I'm interested in mach 3 training course but cannot get onto your web site link to see details
    Regards Paul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul mort View Post
    Hi I'm interested in mach 3 training course but cannot get onto your web site link to see details
    Regards Paul.
    Have you noticed the date of the post (January 2012)
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