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    Hey guys im looking for a a 12mm screw complete with nut (quite urgent) screw length approx 400mm

    what you guys got?


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    hi, sorry no ballscrews, dunno what your project is but i've got a 420oz inch nema 34 stepper and a slightly smaller astrosyn nema23 stepper just sitting about.

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    nah just a screw and nut im looking for. thanks anyway fella

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    no worries, thought id better offer :) hope you find a screw :D
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  5. If you cant fine one, we have a wide veriety of 12mm ballscrews and nuts, from 2mm to 5mm lead.

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    Strange ive just emailed you Gary lol

  7. ok, so that was from you then :)
    If you dont want it to backdrive go for the lower lead screw like the R1202.



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    sorted thanks Gary

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    Hi,dear,Do you still have any other need?

    Wish can help you!

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