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    I have been trying t convert sketchup to dxf using a plugin specifically for doing that but it does not seem to produce a file recognisable to lazycam. Using my autocad clone I can create a readable dxf. The clone 3d is to basic so i am trying to use sketchup. Any advice?

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    I would just like to ask if you found a way to convert sketchup in to a usable dxf file

    I have try loading and running a plug in but it's not working. I and using sketchup 8


  3. James,
    Is this the plugin you're using?


    I wrote it so I will do my best to try and fix any problems you're having with it


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    yes that the one but I've just loaded the 8hr trial of pro and that has the file conversion on it for now

    I will try again when the trial expires

    But thank you so much for the offer to help


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