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    Hi all,
    Having a major clearout.

    SIEG X0 Digital Micro Mill (Drill) used two times only absolutely mint.
    JT1-ER11 Milling Collet Chuck Set with 6 Collets unused and boxed, got them to use with the Micro Mill.

    SIEG X3 Small Mill spindle motor, unused 600w DC I removed this of my new X3 to fit a different spindle motor. Note I have not got the speed control PCB.
    Cast Iron Work Table X200mm, Y90mm travel, unused.

    NSK Linear Guides, and rails 15mm, and 20mm wide unused and boxed.
    Rails 2x15mm, and 4 guides, 520mm long.
    Rails 4X20mm, and 8 guides, 520mm long.

    NOGA Mini-Cool, Model No: MC1400.

    Sax-165-Servo-Motor, 3 off without encoders.
    Servo-Motors-NEMA-23-350oz-in-60VDC, 3off, with encoders, and not used on a machine.
    Servo-Drive-BSD810A, 3 off. Old technology, and not used on a machine.

    ETA Desk Console, good for putting all drives, PSU controller in , and the sloping top face for HMI/Panel PC, unused. Ref No: ZBA6-01 Monobloc Desk 600x1000x400 RAL7035.

    Please PM me for more details; I am open to all offers.

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    Do you still have the Sieg X0 for sale.

    Can not work out how to send a PM.

    email is dain.dod "at" gmail dot com if you see what I mean

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    Sorry but the SIEG X0 has been sold.



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