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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Wouldn't bother with replacement try for a refund and get or build something better.!!

    Sounds very much like you have mechanical problems rather than Electrical if other Axis won't move when connected to Z axis drive. Very much doubt it will be dead stepper they are sturdy things and the fact you have 2 non moving Axis makes me think Mechanical.

    So I'd start by removing the motors from screws and checking if they spin on there own drives with no load.?
    Then work back from there removing ballnuts from the mounts first and spinning screws to see if end bearings are binding or the ballnut it's self has jammed.
    It will become obvious whats causing the problem when motors are off.!!
    Hi thanks for the response. My hobbies are woodturning and electronics, with very little mechanical experience. Hence building one is a bit daunting. I did as you suggested and removed the motors. The X motor didn't run but then after re-installing it, it did. Wiring? The Y axis motor (disconnected from drive) would not run at all on any pins, obviously faulty. Is it normal for there to be lateral movement, maybe 2mm when I pull along the X axis by hand.
    thanks again
    PS have asked for refund.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~andy View Post
    Ballnuts! 1404 trapezoidal screws

    I guessing they might be a wee bit stiff to turn by hand anyway.
    Ye I knew chances are they would have Trap lead screws but easier to say ballscrew and ballnut has if new to cnc they would probably recognise those terms better than saying Leadnut etc .!! . . . . . . But in any case they should still turn by hand easy enough if Trap Lead screws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugginsjm View Post
    Is it normal for there to be lateral movement, maybe 2mm when I pull along the X axis by hand.
    thanks again
    Yes quite normal if it's Knackerd.!! . . . .Which by the sounds then it is.!

    There should be NO lateral movement or Slop in any direction on any Axis. You will never cut correctly or with any accuracy if there's movement in any direction. Circles will be Ovals, edges will have steps at start and finish points and generally rubbish finish quality and poor accuracy.

    . . Honestly Push hard for the Refund.

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