1. I'm looking for some No.10 UNC x 3/4" grub (socket set)screws in steel, ideally with a cone point.
    I've found them in stainless, but have so far drawn a blank for them in steel.

    Emkay only have them upto 1/2" long, and I'd rather avoid putting stainless into cast iron.

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    Hiya mate, i'v contacted my guy and hes getting me a price for tommorrow. He said he can get hold of them, they normally want an order of 1000 units befor they will get them in, how many do you need/want, ill see if i can just get 100 units or somthing but yea should have a price for you tomoz.


  3. 20 would be more than enough.

    At the moment I'm thinking about just getting the stainless ones, and putting them in with a good helping of grease to try and avoid galvanic corrosion issues (they're for the gib adjustment on the mill).
    However, it's pretty low on the priority list at the moment.

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