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    I was wondering about making a coax indicator. But a dial gauge mount
    that can be used while tools are in place seemed a useful bit of kit to be going on with.
    I marked the shape of the spindle clamp out on bit of ali a few years ago, but I have other plans
    for the bit of metal so kept putting this off, Finally thought it would save a lot of messing about
    so I cobbled one together with bit's of scrap.

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    I like that, it puts the measure right where you want it and no tool change before you cut.

    I might pinch some of that

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    Is that a set of girder forks i see?
    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by motoxy View Post
    Is that a set of girder forks i see?
    I had to bore and bush them, well the lower spindle holes have already
    been bushed but the two sides are offset considerably.

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