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    Quote Originally Posted by njhussey View Post
    Here is the ad...

    CNC woodworking router
    It sold for 3100.......wonder if its been modded??

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    Builder forgot to add that there is FREE tea and Coffee at the local Police station with every machine

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    So only one axis that looks close to being well made and it sells for 3100, how depressing when it says Strike CNC in the listing, so it could not be easier to find this thread.

    If there's a gap between me graduating and starting a job I know what I'll be doing next...

    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    No no no far to many yellow bricks and not enough red ones.!! . . . . You'll never cut Aluminium with yellow bricks.!!
    The transparent bricks clearly make up for that, so I'm sure it would cut aluminium.
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    You have to remember that people are not always savy & don't always check sites like this, in fact a lot of people probably find this forum when it's to late & they are searching for a solution to a problem. This machine was being sold by people who said they had been using it to produce work, if you know nothing about cnc machines it looks from first glance like a decent machine & if the seller says that it works well then that is often enough for people to bid. If you have looked at the price of commercial machines then you will be expecting to pay a bit for a fully working system & it only takes a few people to push the price up way above what some would pay. There was another machine sold a couple of days ago for what I thought was way over the top. As with other industries there are to many people about who think they can make huge amounts of money by buying some equipment.

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