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    Thanks for that Tenson, its reassuring, especially to know to expect it to be tight on its threads :-)

    Other thought had for low cost tooling is Dremel and clone cutters, these normally have a 1/8" shank and should fit supplied collet.

    See that a Dremel is spindle of choice in some builds, do have an interest in milling PCBs amongst everything else ;-)

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    Just to update , Dremel and Dremel alike, 1/8" 3mm shank cutters, do fit nicely in supplied collet , been zipping through softwood with some Aldidl rotary tool cutters.

    Proxxon tooling is 2.35mm diameter, different collet size.

    Dremel branded tooling is ludicrously expensive, quite a lot of lower cost HSS and engraving bits available without the brand tag on them.

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