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    I'm getting braver and am thinking about cutting some brackets for limit switches next week but can I use 3 'n' 1 oil as a coolant or WD40 ??


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    3in 1 oil is too sticky WD40 works good on Ali. Any dewatering fluid will work good so buy the cheapist you can, WD40 is expensive.

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    Thank you Jazz

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    If you plan on doing lots of Ali cutting drop me aline because I sell a WD40 equivelent that's less than half the price. Only thing is I only sell it by the case 12x500ml aerosols.

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    Can make cheap alternative to WD40 with paraffin and some other stuff, google it.
    The 'proper' coolant you see on all the youtube videos is oil diluted about 50:1 with tap water. I've got loads of it if you want a pint (for example).

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