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    My farther in law is in need a part making on a small production run of about 200 to start with. Ideally would be made from steel but would be ok in aluminium. I have made a prototype but making them by hand would be just too time consuming.

    I have got drawings but the picture shows enough to say if it could be done or not. The bar is approximately 32mm and is each is about 15mm in length. As you can see, it has a central hole 4mm through, countersunk 8mm with an off centre hole (on a 10mm pcd) of 3mm through. It also has 4mm milled from the top front face to half way.

    Is anyone setup for a run of 200 units or do you know of anyone we could even try?

    Cheers, Chris


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    Can you supply me with the actual cad drawings and i will have a word with my pal

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