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    Unfortunately I made a design error on one of my axis. bit of human error that's lead to me needing an entirely new panel.

    I've got a autocad file for you chaps if you can help me,

    Water Cutting.dxf

    it's in 10mm Plate, I might be able to source this but I may not.

    I should be getting EMA this weekend and what ever it feels like giving me will be how much I'm able to pay for this.

    I really need this machine for college and as I'm presenting my Project in a couple weeks

    and I have to make this:

    Small scale of course.

    If you guys could send me a PM with how much you want with or without materials then that would be excellent.


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    it's too big for the triac, but my quatro will be up and running in roughly 5 - 10 days.

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    I can cut that. Might already have some 10mm aluminium plate big enough. Assuming I have the materialw which I will check later today, I can cut it this weekend. I'll send a PM later today...

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    Jess have you been sorted out if not I will have a go for you


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