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    Years ago I used to use one called Discriminator,
    Still going but updated software but I don't know what the new version is like.
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    There probably isn't another one as it's a very niche market.
    Remember as you become more proficient at editing / coding the need for the hints reduces. Also as software is getting better / cheaper as regards features verus price, once you have a decent post processor setup for that program the need to edit programs goes away.

    I did a training day last year where at the start one of the items brought up by two of the guys was they had been told you could not run a machine without knowing G code.
    I went from design to cut part on a Sieg KX3 machine, a con rod actually, with a piece of paper over the G Code window in Mach.
    It was only after the part was cut and the paper removed that anyone saw the code that had produced the part.
    John I agree with you 100% - 1% :whistling: Knowing G-code is very important IMO and makes life far easier. Take this example.!

    You drop a bollock with a clamp in the way but hadn't noticed untill half way thru program and clip it snapping tool, you haven't ruined work because it did it on rapid move. Obviously because we hit the E-stop at full rapid we lost position.
    For You or I this would be easy fix, we'd home machine to re-establish 0,0,0 rewind code to safe place and use "Run from here" but How would someone who doesn't know G-code get back on track.?

    To me it's very important knowing G-code, even if it's just basic's.

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    John & Jazz, thanks for your further input. Because CNC machining is very much an occasional adjunct to my main hobby, I won't be using it often enough to ever become 'proficient' at G-code programming. For the same reason, I'm unlikely to spend big money on some program that might generate the required G-code for the complex projects I will do occasionally.

    And I'm fussy about what goes onto my already-too-slow main PC (not the one I use for CNC machine-control, but the one I design/program on), so don't like the sound of G-Wizard's accoutrements.

    Looks like I'll just have to continue with my quick-reference on one half of the screen (kept there with NailIt) and a simple program editor on the other half, and copy-and-paste from the QR to the code window, when required. It's just a very 'squeezy' arrangement on my small screen.

    I'll see what I can find about Discriminator. Thanks again, guys.

    Rgds, Daniel

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