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  1. So if its not a sensible one then your going to throw it in the bin and be worst off?

    the last one i got was from here for 550 that to was with a PSU and shipping and also sorted the import tax. that two was a W4 120w Reci tube!

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    guess you get them from there then - would rather throw it away than give it away yes - been told by very very reputable companies that sell lasers in the uk that they cannot buy for that price and they import alot of them at a time - and they are companies you would of heard of also -

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    a 100w tube on that site is 450 plus 450 postage

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    Quote Originally Posted by swinds View Post
    a 100w tube on that site is 450 plus 450 postage
    A 130W is 502+346 with power supply.

  5. i had more than just the tube and psu off her. hence she did me a good deal. BUT she as also said she will do me the same prices again just for the PSU and laser tube!

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