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    anyone advise best WC spindle to get please, cutting Brass and Ally, using a kress at the moment would like to upgrade to cut down a little on noise.


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    I've had several from Chai at linear motion bearings on Ebay, never had any trouble with spindles except one which I blow up thru my own fault. This was one of the very early models which had the crappy 3 pin connector which I didn't fasten properly and it shorted. The ones he supplys now have a much better 4 pin connector with a dedicated earth and higher amp rating.
    When I striped it down bearings where fine after 3years of very hard use cutting mainly Ali, some of my jobs run for 30+ hours continous and it never missed a beat.

    I cut Ali 90% of the time and brass occasionaly and they handle both with ease.

    Don't bother with fancy cooling radiators,fans etc all thats needed is a submersible water pump droped into darkened and sealed container with around 20ltr water.
    The pump doesn't have to be massive with high flow rate so long as it's got enough pressure or whats called head height to reach above machines highest point and a bit to spare then it will be fine. Find loads on Ebay for fish tank type application just check the head height any above 2mtr will be fine,which most are.!

    My machines run like this for over 3 years with only one pump replacement and that was only a few months ago.

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    I bought mine from solar.jean on eBay and it's been fine... but I've only had that one so I don't know any different. At least 90% of the time I use it on aluminium and I have used it with brass, mild steel and titanium perfectly well.
    I've had no problems with the VFDs that came with them, other than an earthing problem which was my own fault.

    Although it will be quieter than the Kress the cutting noise generally exceeds the noise from the actual spindle. There are much better reasons to get a water cooled spindle, such as rigidity and superior collets.

    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    a submersible water pump droped into darkened and sealed container with around 20ltr water
    Same, except I didn't bother with the darkening and instead just recently added a bit of copper sulphate to the water. A gram is more than enough to stop anything growing in 20L of water.

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    just remembered I've also had one from lovehappy shopper thou must admit wasn't has nice as Chai's latest offerings.
    It had the crappy connector and lower Amp's thou he may have upgraded by now becuase that was probably going on a year ago now. As far as I know it's been fine and the guy who's machine it's on hasn't come back or said anything bad about it.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    As far as I know it's been fine and the guy who's machine it's on hasn't come back or said anything bad about it.!
    Could mean it was fatal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Could mean it was fatal...
    Nah no reason too.!!. . . I have a good relationship with everyone I've helped and they all know they can come back with any problem and I'll help best I can.

    I take no news as good news and it's not uncommon to not hear from folks when everythings ok.!!. . . . Thou Belive me they are soon back when it's not ok. :whistling:

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    Thanks guy's
    have been looking at Chai's 2.2kv is this one ok to go with, what about import tax / vat do you get hit hard

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    Only ever got charged VAT. Thou the shipping company rip you off for about 10 admin fee for handling the Vat side. . . Bastards.!!

    Opp's.!!. . Yes it's good choice, plenty of power and allows good cutter range 1 to 13mm. On that note While your buying get your self a collet set because it only comes with one 6mm collet. Either from chai or others on ebay roughly around 25.
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