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    Hi there,
    I have been putting together my own cnc mill. I've put together the X and Y axes, but I have been thinking lately that I'd prefer to purchase the z axis instead of making it. It just seems a little to findly, and I don't think I could make it accurate enough.

    The only problem is that I can't find anywhere that does one at a reasonable price! Can anyone help?

    I found this:

    but its a little expensive for what is essentially three blocks of metal a lead screw and some bearings?

    Also found this:

    Scroll right to the bottom...

    That would have been about right, but communication with the guy went dead when I asked him if he could put the item up on his ebay store instead of me sending money through the post.

    Looking for something in the 200 - 250 range. Anyone know where I could get something like this. Or would someone be willing to use their CNC machine to mill me some parts?

    Thanks for your help,

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    How much do you want for that kip?

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    ok mate, pop an Ad in the buy/sell section so we know when as i may have a bid on that myself. Whats the sizes..

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    Hey Kip,
    Thanks for the welcome and reply.

    Definitely looking to mill alu, and about 100mm to 150mm travel on the z axis. Not much in other words.

    Your z axis interests me, but I can view the larger picture, it keeps on asking me to login, even though I am. The fact that it does't have a motor mount is a little worrying. What would be involved in getting a 23 Nema motor mounted to that?


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    Hi dave, welcome to the forums mate, dont know why its asking you to login, hover over the images they should auto open/go bigger for you.

    also try this link:

    Let me know !

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    How much with the motor mount :) Direct drive I think.

    I'm a CNC newbie, so I'm not quite sure what you mean by "It will be light cuts on AL at 100mm extension".

    Also, any chance of a 43mm spindle mount?

    Lee; the images seem to be working now, but I didn't know about the hovering thing. I was clicking. Cheers!

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    I think you might have a deal...

    Motors are the standard steppers going around...

    Unfortunately there is no datasheet going around for them, but I measure the shaft to be 20mm.

    Picture attached should give you some idea... The design isn't great I know, but it was more about ease of putting together. I figured once I had something working I could then design better parts etc.

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    Hey kip,
    sent you an email.

    But just for anyone else...

    The whole thing is made out of aluminium... If anyone has anyone wants to recommend changes or point me to some pictures / designs of a more suitable mill for al, please do.

    Also, if anyone has a use for a 400mm long ballscrew + nut with machined ends please let me know... it will be going on ebay soon. Bought with the intention of making a zaxis but of course now I don't need it :D.

    Will post a picture of what I have so far soon.

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by lateAtNight View Post
    ... a 400mm long ballscrew + nut with machined ends ...
    Dave, what diameter/pitch/make? I may be interested

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    As it turns out its not 400mm, more like 340mm, 230mm usable thread. 16mm diameter at the threaded bit, 10mm shaft, and 6.35 tip. I'll double check that later. Pic attached, with a 300mm ruler next to the screw.
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