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    What happened ? did you finish the parts for tonyel Kip ? Also why have you been editing your posts, taking pics out ?

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    Hi Lee - sorry have gone a bit quiet! I've more or less finished the design of the frame bits, and am having a load of flat steel plate cut by a friend of mine who just happens to run a laser cutting job shop. As I'm not exactly paying top dollar, it'll just take as long as it takes, but I'm not really in a hurry. The delay allows me time to save up for the rest.

    I'm also about to try and buy the steel beams for the base frame. Plan is to get them welded up at work, and then have a local firm mill a true plane on the top on which to mount the rails. I still haven't really figured out any of the motor stuff yet - I think my gantry will be quite heavy, but I'm more keen on rigidity than speed.

    If anyone is interested in drawings, I'd be more than happy to post the ones I've done somewhere convenient.



    ps I haven't removed any pics, not knowingly at any rate...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonyel View Post
    ps I haven't removed any pics, not knowingly at any rate...
    It was Kip i was saying that to mate not you :)

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    ok just wondered because i went back to review your posts on a few diffrent threads thats all and wondered what happend to the pics, as long as there isnt a problem with vBulletin thats all.

    It would however be nice to see your work, particuly this z-axis you made for Tony ?

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    Tony = Tonyel ?

    My bad (again), its David who you made one for !

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