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    Hi everyone. I bought a secondhand, hand-built CNC router machine not so long ago, with the view to starting up my own small business. I am a complete novice to CNC but I thought I would be able to learn it easily enough(how wrong I was!!!!). Now desperately looking for help setting it up(I am in Lincolnshire...postcode is LN9 5ND) as I am out of work now and have a family to support. I would be really grateful if anyone can help via this thread or if living close to me, would pop by and help me out???

    It is a fixed gantry CNC machine
    Overall dimensions
    Wide 800mm, deep 900mm, height 1450mm
    Cuts approx 500mm x 400mm
    Components are:-
    Nema23 keling motors on all axis
    Controller gecko G540
    Running Mach3 program

    Many thanks,

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    Al I would love to help you out but Lincoln is a bit to far for me to travel


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    Thanks for the thought though James. Got a few people willing to try and get me going, so hopefully I'll get there asap. Al

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    was this a working CNC or a part-built machine ?

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    It was working when I bought it mate. I'm originally from Sutton, so brought up not far from you!!! Al

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