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    Hi all,
    I am thinking of making a USB keyboard specially made for Mach3.
    Basically it would be a box IP55 ratted (maybe 67?) with industrial grade push buttons.

    I have the electronic working already (based on a PIC micro). For M$ Windows it would just looks like a USB keyboard.
    Therefore, for Mach3, no special plugin requiered. Just need to make sure Mach is setup to use the default keys (lef, right, up and down arrows...)

    Anybody would be interested in any of these? I am not sure how much it would cost yet... but I am preaty sure it is less than what is available today on the marcket)


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    Definitely interested but would like to see a layout ?
    John S -

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    Hi John,
    By "Layout" do you mean PCB or placement of the buttons?


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    Placement of buttons, sod the PCB that's black magic, ear of bat, tongue of newt territory.
    John S -

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    Ha, OK.... :-)
    Well, I haven't gone that far yet... For now buttons are just bolted to a piece of wood... ;-)
    But I am open to sugestions...
    I have a CNC mill, I can cut the holes for the buttons in a plastic or metal enclosure for any layout I guess... You could even make your own... I guess you have a mill right?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rnr107 View Post
    I guess you have a mill right?
    I think it's more how many milling machines does John S have!

    I wouldn't mind making my own enclosure to keep the cost down.

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    Ha.... a real workshop man!
    I like the idea of giving the choice of the enclosure, It does make it cheaper indeed... But more importantly it let you customise your controller at will!

    I am not trying to make Millins of $ here... Just to make the price of the PCB affordable... As you know, a 1 of cost a fortune... where 100 of them get down to a few quids...

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    Hi all,
    I finally got around making an enclosure for my Mach3 USB keypad.
    See pictures attached.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.JPG 
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    All parts are from RS electronic, if anyone would like to make one let me know... I'll post the necessary info...


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    Hi nice work, what PIC chip are you using?

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    I use a the big one... :) 18F4550 in DIL package form (easier to hand solder)
    it is a bit big, but plenty of I/O .... so plenty of options / buttons... ;)

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