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    Quote Originally Posted by audioandy View Post
    I like the smooth stepper for the simple reason I can use a laptop to run my machine and it does what is says on the tin, smooths out the motion.
    That's all I needed to know. :)

    Quote Originally Posted by audioandy View Post
    The only software you get with the smooth stepper is the driver for MACH
    Great, I have a Mach3 licence... So just what I needed.

    Thanks Andy!


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    Quote Originally Posted by rnr107 View Post
    As long as your CPU suppots mutithreading (I guess all do these days) then it should work...

    Doing a proper job with Windows 7 isn't hard but there is no market for it because everyone is hung up on Mach. People have tried but the only real way to do it is an open source group effort defining a protocol for sending data between PC, mill and pendant with no patents, no licences and no secrets. That way anyone can make their own mill driver boards and write software. If everyone sticks to the same standard protocol users can then mix and match competing products to find the best combination for them. Single source systems which disappear if someone goes down the tubes are not attractive, you feel too vulnerable. It needs to be a group effort because only an enthusiastic user base will suck people in.

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    If you want a serial controller then Conqueror Desigb & engineering have a kit of parts for one for 125 plus vat


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    Hi Peter,
    Nice found! :)
    Have you tryed this controller already? any good?
    Also, does it come with a Mach3 plugins or does it has its own software?


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    I have one of their control boxes which runs on their own software, works fine for me!
    The main reason I went with them was that it was all in a box ready to go, as at the time I was busy doing the mill mechanics.
    Plus the fact I am not enamoured of windows control of a machine as it often buggers off doing its own thing etc.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ptjw7uk View Post
    I am not enamoured of windows control of a machine as it often buggers off doing its own thing etc
    I know exactly what you mean mate....

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