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    All I want is one poxy 3ph socket good for 9kW, a meter and a circuit breaker. It's an blooming industrial unit fused 100A per phase, how hard can it be?

    I've just had the second electrician round and still no joy.

    First one I tried to get a budget job, got me nowhere. Said he'd do it for 750 if I got the parts in but wouldn't tell me what those parts were. Obviously doesn't want to do it, taking the piss.

    Second one eventually suggested a ballpark 250 plus parts and I said, "No problem, that doesn't even touch the sides". Got his attention, but apparently it was essential that I understood everything and if I dared to ask a question he had to start explaining all over again from where the power enters the building. He seemed terrified of electricity, I suggested he might be in the wrong job, perhaps that didn't help.

    Number 3 tomorrow. Anyone care to suggest another approach (shy of pretending to be a lottery winner or kidnap)? I'm running out of ideas.


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    If you have a CEF or similar go in and ask for a decent contact, preferably one not afraid of electricity.
    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    If you pay travel time from Central Scotland I will do it for you:lol:
    Seriously some people who call them selves sparks are clueless.
    What you could do post a request on this forum, and ask for some info from there. They a generally a good bunch and should be able to help you out. There are sparks on there from most places around the country.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Web Goblin View Post
    If you pay travel time from Central Scotland I will do it for you:lol:
    You need to be careful what you offer :naughty:

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    Got two proper electricians round today, blimey what a difference. One more tomorrow then wait for the quotes.

    I really have no idea what the job is worth, but guess I'm just about to find out :tup:

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    Glad your getting somewhere now. It does make a difference when the real tradesmen turn up.
    Now all you have to do is sit down when you open the mail:lol:


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    The three quotes have finally arrived :dance:

    417 + VAT, 536 no VAT, 1413 + VAT. (I can get the VAT back so that doesn't count).

    The 417 does involve finding some outdated 30 Amp breaker to fit the outdated wall panel. It seems to be available on fleabay at around the 15 to 20 mark so this is still the cheapest option. He's dropping by on Monday to make sure we get the right one.
    I'm getting all excited wondering what will happen when I plug t'bugger in

  8. Magic blue smoke? :rofl:
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Professor View Post
    Magic blue smoke? :rofl:
    I think I had better ask him which power switch will be nearest to the enormous bang if it all goes horribly wrong. Want to use the one furthest away so I don't leap out of my skin.

    Once switched on my plan of action is to persuade someone else to touch it and see if they get a shock.

    Next, the instructions say to cycle the main 5.5kW motor and see if it goes the right way round. Not sure if I want to do the button pushing or the looking.

    When that's done I will stop and plumb in the hydraulic oil chiller before I start moving the rams. I've bought a half horsepower suds pump to drive the coolant, 1 litre per second with a 6 foot lift sounds about right. I'm going to start by pumping a weak sulphamic acid solution to descale it. I removed a lot of lime scale from the flow control valves so the rest of the circuits are probably in need of a clean up.

    This will either be great fun or abject disappointment. I'll let you know...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Hewitt View Post
    Once switched on my plan of action is to persuade someone else to touch it and see if they get a shock.
    I'll voluntere my Ex -wife!!. . . Plus if she unfortunatly survives she spits pure nasty Acid so can descale the machine at same time..:surprised: . . . . I Drink guiness I'm not bitter honest. .:whistling:

    WTF is it your powering up with 5.5Kw motors rams, oil chillers and fire engine suds pump.?

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