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    As title really for an X axis upgrade.

    These are the mounts in question:


    And I need 80x40 profile machining to fit these including 4x tapped holes per mount. There's a total of 2x FK on one section of 1.2m long 80x40 and 2x FF on the another.

    I don't have the equipment or know how to pull this off with confidence. Would be great if I could find someone local as I could drop the parts off with you. Will pay for your time.


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    Hi mate, could you not get away with a bore in the profile, then make a plate you could fix the FK mounts to, then fix the plate to the profile ?

    Just noticed no one had replyed to you thats all, i'm thinking it maybe a better way to go as well, fixing the FK's to the profile maybe a little tricky and not necessarily the securest way of going about it, i say that with out knowing the wall thickness for your profile.


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