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    Hey guys,

    I bought one of these not long ago and plumped for the 2.2kw version thinking that's about the limit for our 230v 13A sockets. Weird thing is I was looking through the vfd manual and found reference to it consuming 7.5A at 220v. Now I'm wondering if I could have gone for the 3kw version which claims 10A at 220v or possibly even the 4kw (12.5A 220v).

    What am I missing here?

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    2.2KW will be more than enough for what your doing mate believe me plus the 3 & 4KW are massive and heavy which your Z axis wouldn't handle.

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    Hey Jazz

    Thanks for the reply mate.

    As you know I've already got the 2.2kw so won't be swapping now but really my question was how come when the vfd gets involved the rules change regarding how much wattage you can tap the 230v for. I've got a Festool OF2200 and that's right on the limit of a 13A socket, I've tripped the one's in the tin shed on the rear garden with it a few times.

    Oh btw the Z has been beefed up. The spindle and back plates are now 18mm and there's supported round rail in there too arranged as you demonstrated when you were around here - higher the Z axis, the less the lever action.

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