1. Okay I went to start drilling the work bed for my machine as I got it yesterday and Set up to drill the hole generated the pattern in Mach and then broke a drill bit straight away in the plastic as did not take a good look at the code that was generated and did not notice that it was not the code to do the job.

    Fixed that, okay that one my bad. Now Code fixed but this little flag says test before jumping in on another drill (don't have a huge stock of these babies around any way). So do a trail run and things are looking good. Then run the program live and it goes and snaps another bit. SO I start looking at all the possible causes and running different programs to find out where the bug is.

    Rewired the Z axis direct as the solder joint on the chassis plug was not holding and still no joy. What happens is it will run fine and then Z will bind up and not retract. It does not happen regularly. :question: Also I think there maybe a problem with Mach as I will get secondary moves done that I did not call for when using data direct input. This is always after running some code, stopping, rewinding and closing the code. This is getting rather frustrating as I eliminate the possibilities that can be causing it.

    Any ideas on what might the root cause? lines are grounded so that is not it and Y and X are running fine. So will keep on trying different options out till it runs smooth.


  2. Okay,

    First a big thanks to Jazz:tup: for helping me work through part of the problem and I think I have sorted it fully but will be doing step better to make sure it is fully sorted.

    First a G80/G83 cycle had been triggered that I had not cleared when closing the g-code for the drilling cycle when was running that was giving the strange secondary commands and locking things up in Z motion. The Z axis appears to have been over tuned (my fault) and this so far seems to be what was causing the problem.

    I will report back tomorrow on how things progressed and if everything cleared up or not. I have learned today some important items and only broke 2 drill bits so not that expensive (TiN coated HSS). Anyway tonight when I get back to the house will write up the code proper (separate from the mach wizard) and that should allow a full running check on the system.


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    Michael if all else fails have a go with this.

    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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