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    i was goin to build a kinda test plasma table as im new to cnc to get it all working and make a proper machine in the future.
    Personnaly I wouldn't take that route, it's just as easy to build it correct the first time and a lot less money.
    It's hell of a lot easier these days electronics wise due to modern drives etc and there's more than enough knowledge available thru forums to easily build a fully working machine straight off.
    Best thing you could do is draw up an idea for the machine and start a thread and ask as many questions as needed untill you feel fully satisfied you understand whats needed then go for it.
    Best advice I can give is don't rush and don't try taking the cheap route regards components it doesn't work.! You just end up doing it twice getting frustrated and spending double the amount it would have took to buy the correct components in the first place.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whensparksfly View Post
    my plan is to use chain a sproit to run the x and y axes they will run on channels and v pulleys.
    Chains are good, I suggest 1/4" pitch and at least 2" sprockets to keep cogging down. Not so keen on channel and Vee pulleys, presume you are worried about dust getting in to bushings.

    A 2" pulley would move you about 6" per rev (pitch x teeth). That's about 0.015" 0.38 mm per half step.

    Gear it down 2:1 and you have 0.0075" 0.2mm per half step. Then quarter step for 0.1mm resolution, sounds good for a plasma cutter.

    Being 1" radius the 208 motor would give you 208 oz of pull direct drive. 416 oz, 26 lbf at 2:1 down.

    Guesstimate 2lbs of rolling resistance with some better bearings, leaves 24 lbf to move it.

    4 rps on the motor would still have plenty of torque and get you rapids at 1 ft/s.

    Let's assuming the gantry and chains weigh 32 lbs. 1 lbf will then accelerate them at 1 ft/s/s.

    24 lbf will accelerate them at 24 ft/s/s. Equivalent of 0 - 60 in under 4 seconds, it's a motor cycle.

    My maths is not guaranteed any more, brain aging rapidly :naughty:

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    so you think my setup with theses motors will work for me.
    i just want to say thanks so much for taking the time to explain it to me .

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