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    Sorry QRN 5 Please QRO ( never did get the hang of this stuff )

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    Hello Jazz,and others on here
    thank you for your warm welcome. I instinctively knew I was letting myself in for some pee-taking with the ham radio callsign.....but having seen another couple of callsigns on here, I felt a misguided safety in numbers....maybe a mistake on my part.....but at least it is an honourable hobby:lol:....nerdy...inquisitive...complete private language all of it's own....(QRZ) ...for ever pushing the boundaries, and in the great scale of things , at least 2 above train- spotter. It has it's handicaps of course, being not quite so colourfull as Morris dancing.....I rest my case:rofl: (deep appologies to all the latent Morris dancers on here :whistling:)
    Your designs have always intrigued me, along with others on here. The main asset and attraction on this site above all others, is that nobody seems to sit on their laurels, and the boundaries in good sound sensible engineering solutions are forever being pushed and questioned.... a very healthy approach. For me , that is what sets this website apart from all others. People are prepared to put their heads above the parrapet and contribute to solutions to engineering problems, even if sometimes the advise is not all it's cracked up to be, but at least it is taking part and contributing. prepared top get some complete pig's arse solutions or even the future.....
    Now ! if I could only post the lining wall paper with the latest offering scribbled on the back of it.
    Oh by the way...the qrz thing is part of a code called the Q code, and came about during the second world war as a short hand message when you were transmitting morse code, and then eventually was adopted in voice transmission.Each code was 3 letters, always starting with "q" .So basically by using the code, it cut down on the amount of letters you would have to send in plain language. So for example....I am going "QRT"......I am closing down this station, or this contact.....3 letters transmitted, rather than 24...


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    Ah Aghh so it must be "Q" code I'm speaking when I'm pissed. .:whistling:

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    QSL on that one Bren :tup:
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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