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    Monday i had a chance to cast some Ali blanks for the pulleys. Got one machined up yesterday evening and the other tonight. The one on the left i will have to make again. Stupid me let go of the cross slide whilst plunging the pipe threading tool in for the ribs and it pulled itself in (tool slightly too low). This in turn locked and flung the pulley out of the chuck damaging it. I will use it for now so i can mock things up.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Made these to fit 'J' section 5 rib belts, size 559mm long or 22" in old money. Belt will be here next week.
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    looks good, shame about the slip, why is it always the last operation that goes wrong?

    when will it be working then?

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    Good question? Time is very finite that i can use so it really is a question of slowly but surely at the moment. Need to do some casting which i will do over the weekend hopefully. I can then build the motor supports and remake the left pulley. Now i have these bits i can start laying the motor out and fix the top plate, work out how i'm going to fix the spindle in place as well as make a bush to lower it in the head slightly.

    Will grab some more pics of all the other bits as soon as.
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    Did you ever finish the conversion? Thinking about doing the same on my old EM825.

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    Hi Tojan

    Ive completed the table with screws etc, fitted the head and just need to sort the gearing for the column (z axis). Things have been very slow due to family commitments and troubles this year. Could have used it a million times over already.

    If you did go down this route i would recomend 16mm screws, and don't even attempt it unless you have access to another mill and lathe.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Well thanks for the reply. Any more pictures of your project would be really helpful. This is my first mill, and I'm just getting finished rebuilding it. I've got the bug to build some stuff that can't be done manually. Unfortunately I don't have access to another mill, I do have a lathe.

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    You would definatley need access to another mill. I had to take quite a bit out of the table and mid bed to accomodate the ballnut, There is very little difference between your and mine. Being more carefull than me choosing the right type of nut, you maybe get away with not machining but it is tight. If i get a chance i will grab some more pics with some details. I decided in the end to utilise the rack and pinion on the column and reduce with a 72:24 pulley. Not a lot of room to mount on the back of that column though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmfmo View Post
    Did you get much further I am just going to start a similar conversion on my Arboga and would love to hear of your progress
    Geoff Cape Town
    Hi Long time since I posted to you so here goes.
    My Arboga conversion is now operational. Still to fit are guards and some kind of spring or counter weight to the Z axis
    I used 2 to 1 reduction belt drives with nema 25 425oz motors.
    I have reasonable back lash on y and z axis but 3 thou on the x axis.
    I am thinking about upgrading to ball screws on x and y and a screw z conversion in order to get rid of the machines worm drive.

    Have you a recommendation you would share with me.
    I am at the moment in the US visiting my son and thought it would be a good idea to get bits over here and save the hassle of shipping and duties that make life difficult in South Africa.
    I came over at short notice so I did no measurements.
    After getting pulleys,belts,stepper motors and a driver board it took about 6 months to get it done

    Geoff Ford Cape Town

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    Hi Geoff sorry for not coming back quicker as i have been snowed under rebuilding my workshop and other things so my build had stalled quite a bit. On X and Y i went for 16 and 24 HTD5 15mm pulleys and belt, as for the Z i kept the existing rack and pinion and added a plate with a bearing fitted. To this i a have 72 toothed pulley with a 16 on the motor. As for the screws if i could do again i would have just gone 16mm instead of the 20's as it would have been less hassle and im sure up for the job. I did consider mounting a screw for the Z in the base mounting the ballscrew to the base of the column but would have been quite a big job with conventional tools. I might still do this when the machine is up and running as i can make the parts on it. I'm using the similar motors to you and they should be fine. Hope this helps a bit?

    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    There has been some discussion about ballscrew conversions on the arboga.
    if you have a look at this link dia.
    they sell a low profile easy mount ballscrew assembly.
    May be of some help

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