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    The price is right for sure:


    Mach3 understands the output file just fine even though extension think is for EMC.

    Fengrave understands TT fonts so just pointed it at windows font folder and access to all fonts as engravable :-)

    and it understands DXF and V-Carving :-)


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    Thanks for that looks useful

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    Now got about 5 lots of new software to sort out...............sigh.

    John S.
    John S -

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    Oh well John at least you can buy Hobnobs with the money youve saved:naughty:


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    Newly registered but I have found many answers to my questions here on this forum.

    I'm using this web page to create simple texts in G-code. Do not have as many features, but it's easy, fast and requires no installation or registration. This on-line tool helped me a lot so I wanted to tell others about it.

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