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Not wishing to embarrass myself with my first upload of new-build images to the forum. I note some people seem to embed a full image in their message whilst others appear to upload a thumbnail or set of thumbnails. The FAQ didn't clarify this difference for me.

How is each upload method achieved? (They say the only dumb question is the one not asked.)


Hi mate,

You upload the images once, once they have uploaded you will see them show along the bottom section of the upload window (the one you used to do select and then upload) to the bottom right of that window, you will see an option "Selected Attachments:", there is then a button next to that "Insert inline" or "Done", clicking "Done" is how I always do it and this gives you a set of thumbnails at the very bottom of your post that people can then click on.

Clicking "Insert Inline" will put the images in line with the text in your post, when you do it this way you have to hit Enter/return once or twice to put the images on a new line and hovering/clicking an image puts a little Pencil icon over the image, when you click that you get some more image options for each image and so on (have a look and you will see what I mean), you can also just position your cursor where you want the image to be inserted.

Once you have uploaded attachments, if you donít use them the system deletes them off the server after so long.

Attachments for each user account can also be used more than once, so if you reply to a thread/post and want to use an image you uploaded last week, it will be in the upload section already, you just drag that image down to the bottom row in the upload window. Clicking "Inline" or "Done" to finish managing attachments.

Basically what Iím trying to say is in this version of the forum software your attachments are in your very own library you can then reference at any time.

Hope this helps :)