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    This tool came with my milling machine a year ago
    # For reference, picture of the milling machine. It takes MT3 -tools.
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    Seller thought the tool is for sawing bits, but could not remember what kind of tools could go with it. Can't blame him though for not remembering, it's been a year since I bought the machine

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    This picture shows, how badly the bits fit together (it is difficult to center the pieces, they don't sort of fit together)
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    Here parts are separated on a table:
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    This picture shows diameter of the "shaft" (metric scale)
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    Hoping one could use this tool for split -cutting items. Like this perhaps:
    http://lh4.ggpht.com/_vxp-DxcoOlo/TR1oGLJKlvI/AAAAAAAAAgo/wruVyulXkck/Slitting Saw DIY TTS 1.jpg

    Please would someone know what kind of sawing bits one could use in it? (if you think the tool indeed is for sawing)

    Thanks for looking!

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    Check what diameter it is then buy a slitting saw to suit.

    I use one of these from Arc Euro which is essentially the same thing. I use it for spindle mounts and shaft couplings, among other things.


    Unfortunately it has a lot of runout - should have made my own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Check what diameter it is then buy a slitting saw to suit.
    Okay good news, it is that simple. Think it is either 13mm or being from UK, could be half an inch (12.7mm). Will check with a digital vernier, and buy a cutter to fit shaft diameter


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    Does that holder have a keyway? You can saw without a keyway, but hand feed it until you trust it. That way you can can stop if it does.

    Brass cuts easily, iron will require coolant. I like low rpm for slitting and buckets of lube.

    Thin blades can flex. If you want to cut deep do a shallow groove first to support the blade.

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    Robin, the tool has no keyway. Shaft is half-an-inch (12.7mm). Finally went to my garage today, and got a chance to measure it.
    - Really appreciate the tips on using these tools, have no prior information, apart from having seen videos on youtube.


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