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  1. Yes, i saw...

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    No worries Sean good to hear you still about.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Hello Lee,
    i'm currently working on a software that should control 4 motors for a wire machine using our software, see the software here
    we really would like to sell the software with a dedicated hardware for controlling the 4 stepper and the question is
    if your development could be used as a starting point for this and how much it would cost.
    As you can see, we need 4 motor axis direction control, and we could use some others i/o for heating the wire and limit control.
    if you have interest in this project please contact me at
    Thank you for your time

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    In the first place happiness for their project. I am a student that I would like to carry out this badge USB. The problem is that my parallel port is different and therefore I cannot make it. My parallel port is the following one:

    Pin1 X Step
    Pin2 Y Enable
    Pin3 Y Dir
    Pin4 Z Dir
    Pin5 Z Step
    Pin6 Z Enable
    Pin7 X Dir
    Pin8 Y Step
    Pin9 spindle MOTOR
    Pin10 X Home
    Pin11 Y HOME
    Pin12 Z HOME
    Pin13 EStop
    Pin14 X ENABLE
    Pin15 EXPAND
    Pin16 EXPAND
    Pin17 EXPAND
    Pin18 to Pin25 GND

    The Firmware could send me for the PIC 18F4550.


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    surely it would be easier to make a custom parallel cable to correct the pinouts rather than rewrite the code?

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    Hello to everybody.
    I have one problem with my USB to PARALLEL Port DIY Interface. It's recognized correct on PC with Win XP but when I connect it to my laptop with Win 7/32 device has not recognized (Unknow device) as well as I connect it to my desktop PC with Win 7/64. Any sugestions?

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    hello. can ı use thıs project with match3

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    Hello Sir.

    sir im having trouble, which program do i need to use to control the leds? I have 8 LEDS in my project. I know how to control them using 8 PINS of the Parallel port and also using the Assembly language to create sequence of each LEDS/PINS., but what i want is, i want to control them using USB. Is this module that you have created can possibly control the LEDs?
    I need your help sir. :(

    Thanks a lot...

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    Where can i download this beta from this thread?

    The link of the download is dead.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Hi you can find everything located here:

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