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    Hi Martin and all you guys here. Sorry it's been a year since my initial post. I wanted to get into cnc work as I used to use mills and lathes while training as an apprentice 20 years ago. I'm not mechanical by trade, more an electrical fitter and I often have had ideas of things that I've wanted to make or do but been unable to. For me the most important part of all of this is to get my hands on actually designing and making items (ideally for sale at some point in the future) But it's more about hitting 40 and wanting to get creative in my garage and stop wasting evenings watching tv.

    Now the reason why I haven't been on for a year has been down to loss of income (unable to buy/build or make) anything. Coupled with a long term illness that has prevented me from working. I've had to concentrate on my health. I've now managed to work full time for the last 3 months and accrue enough money to get this project back on track. Financially for now I cannot afford (my wife cannot stomach me spending just over 1k on a machine) So I'm going to go for a 3040. I know guys that it's not the best, BUT it will enable me to get hands on and grab some valuable experience. Because I realise how difficult it is to keep working as a full time employee I want to throw myself into learning and making my own items so that I may have some protection of income should I lose my employment. I'm grateful to you all for your help and I can only apologise for my absence guys.

    I'm hoping to pick your brains guys over the next few weeks.

    Thank you


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    I was hoping that any of you guys that may have some experience of these chinese machines please point out the differences between these very similar (but different) ebay listings..

    1........TONSEN TS3040C-H80 router


    ( All I can make out is that this has a spindle that uses a cable connected to a motor suspended above the machine) BUT despite that appears to use Ball screws)

    2...CNC 3040T-DJ Router Engraver Milling Drilling Cutting Machine

    CNC 3040T-DJ Router Engraver Milling Drilling Cutting Machine | eBay

    Does anyone know what the T and DJ mean or stand for?

    3.....3040T (Same as above?)


    This one appears to be the most common on ebay.

    From reading the SPEC I'm tempted with no 1 the Tonsen as its suggests ballscrews and despite its rather weak looking spindle could most likely be easily replaced with something slightly better.

    I cannot afford to go any higher in price and 650 delivered is pretty much me at my limit for now. Please let me know what you would think might be the better of the bunch.

    Also recommendations of any dealers that you have used or even ones to avoid!!! (Please PM for this as I think it would help prevent spamming/problems etc)

    Cheers Andy

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    I know absolutely nothing about these machines so can't help sorry Andy but as well as the actual machine don't forget you are going to need software as well to run it plus some tools to actually cut with so might be an idea to factor these in if money is tight.

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    You'll be better of Buying 700 Battered Mars bars than any of these machines.!!

    Seriously I wouldn't buy any of them, the spindles are garbage and will die in short order closely followed by the electronics. You won't be saving any thing has you'll be spending to repair and make work, then you have the down time to consider, then you have the other aspect of the quality of work they produce will be sub standard so chances are you won't make anything worth selling.

    Much much better option would be to work another 3-6mths and save another 600 and build your self a real proper machine with minimal but capable electrics & spindle that can produce decent work straight away to get you going then upgrade has it makes it's own money.

    Honestly with this level of machine your buying trouble.

    Please don't think I'm being negative for the sake of it or just to bash Chinese machines, I've just seen so many others take this route and regret it. Plus I know for 1000-1200 with a bit of careful buying and right design you can build a great machine that will do everything you want and do it well.!!

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    Thanks Martin I am factoring in having to pay out for tooling and software also. But that is something that can be done as and when required rather than all up front. I guess most of it is just trying to get my hands on something that I can actually work with and start learning.

    Jazz Cheers mate for your honest answer. I know you must see people making these kind of choices every day and regretting it often too I guess. I do want to build my own machine at some point, especially as I wouldn't want to be limited to a really small working area.

    Going to have to think on this one. I really did want to just get into experimenting and building. I guess getting a cnc router up and running and whether my ideas would/could come out how I would like them to.. was going to be the crunch for me.

    But nonetheless Jazz I appreciate your opinion and will now have a good think. It's just a shame that the quality of the machines are so hit and miss.

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    Thanks Jesse I have sent you a PM and will be online tonight after work.



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    God ypu lot confused the hell out of me was looking at a 6040z cnc but now want to build a machine but not got a cluewhere to start like what I need where to buy sizes for frame etc any one point me in the right direction please im in kent if that helps thanks all

  9. Dave,

    It depends on what you want to cut and figuring what you might want to cut as well. What area do you have for the machine (remember you want to be able to get at least two sides of it easily)? Also what skills do you have and equipment? Just saving money during your design time can add to what you can spend on the machine. Also you can use the build logs and forum to hash out what will work best for you.

    If you are doing this on your own I would strongly suggest a grade one square to help insure everything is square which a grade one will do for most folks (IF you want really square go to grade 00 but the price can bite).

    Also you need to look at software and purpose, why are you building it? That will affect design, materials and tooling. So while it might seem like a mountain, slow down and take the time and you will be seriously surprised at what you can do with a little bit of help. Unless you are a business that needs this yesterday or to further your production ability and than you might want to look at the buying options, but that road can get expensive fast.

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    Hi Michael. Thanks for the reply To be truthful I'm new to cnc but been a chippy for 15 years and in middle of buildings a home workshop I'm after cutting signs and hobby work etc in timber and possibly a little alloy. My head keeps sending me back to the cnc6040 4axsis machine as I don't have the time and knowledge sourcing parts etc but not to keen on the idea of handing over a large sum of money to a Chinese company from Portsmouth who won't let me collect has anyone else had dealing with them on other hand if anyone is upgradeing front there machine let me know
    Thanks dave k

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