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Those 6040 work out to about 1200 all in so if you are fixed on 1K you need to think again. You cannot compare one of this to a UK sourced one purely on cost for 1200 i cannot buy all the bits to build one.
The 6040 look to be far better made / spec'd than the cheaper 3040, some sellers are including a water cooled 0.37Kw high speed motor and inverter wheras some have the universal brushed motor that seems to give problems.

With any of these the weak point is the electronics, namely the drivers, drivers are always the weak point on a stepper driven CNC.
Good news is they are quite universal and easy to swap for better units.

Shortly I will be buying a 6040, just no room at the moment, need to get rid of some of the older production machinery. Basically I have costed the whole rig plus having to change 3 drivers if necessary, say another 150. Once done I will have a better machine than a 3K UK sourced model.
Hi John S
Did you get your 6040 if so what electronics did you buy?
I have just bought one and am having problems with the control box. Wish I had joined this forum before the purchase.