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    I've got another job I'm looking for quotes for, 40 of this DXF file out of 1mm Aluminium or Brass (whichever's cheapest).

    If the scale's not clear the central hole is 18mm diameter. Let me know what you think Thanks, Ewan
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    download link will not download. It want's me to download third party software first.

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    Oh that's bad.. should've tested tbh. Have uploaded to my own server instead: http://www.gimsonrobotics.co.uk/other/bearing-cover.DXF

    Right click save target as should work

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    I would get those lasercut instead... getting them milled would probably be more expensive than lasercut...

    And if they where to be milled, then I would need a vacuum table, and unfortunatly, right now, I don't have that.

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    Downloaded without installing anything from the initial site for me.

    I was about to suggest laser cutting. I once got some parts laser cut - after contacting several companies the cheapest by a long way was http://www.truecut.co.uk/

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    Cheers guys, will give them a go. Will be sure to come back here the next time I've got some CNC-appropriate work!

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    I’ve update the original post with the bearing-cover.DXF‎ file as an attachment.

    For some time now our site has supported .DXF file types, so you can upload them to this site and have them hosted in the same way you do your pictures.


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