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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    The current plan is to directly drive the spindle from the motor shaft, using a suitable coupling.
    Hi Jeremy

    What is a suitable coupling for 500 revs/second? :confused:

    Balance probably isn't a prime consideration, but no bending parts obviously.

    I'd probably go for a rod though one shaft engaging a pair of driving dogs on the other, then spend half an hour adjusting it 'till it ran quiet :D



  2. Quote Originally Posted by Robin Hewitt View Post

    PS: "irving2008 has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space".
    sorted that

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Robin Hewitt View Post
    I've got my smilies back

    Had a rummage through my user CP and found it was switched to 'basic editor' upgraded it and there they are :D

    Looking at a mill on ebay today, idly threw in a 500 bid and matched first place.

    Then the bidder I was tied with withdrew his bid :confused:

    Then he bid 490 :confused:

    Hello, thought I, he's playing mind games. So I upped my bid to 750 so now he hasn't got a clue where I am

    It's going to go for a lot more than that so this is all rather academic. I doubt I will get my new mill until this recession really starts to bite :D
    bet you were getting worried... but in the end it went for a very reasonable 2,260 (but was 1500 with <1min to go).

    Picked up a good set of engineers parallels 10 pairs x1/8" for 15 on eBay, a bargain I think.

    Have decided to buy MT3 collets and a few other bits... (6" vice, some endmills, etc.), priced up from RDG they come to just over 250... any suggestions where else to check pricing?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    Try Chronos Irving.....RDG are very good...They ordered me a VA4 vice from Vertex so now I have a matching pair

    P:S If you buy from RDG regularly you'll have a nice collection of rulers :D
    Already priced up on Chronos, they are a lot more expensive. I think it is because they include postage in each item's price and that adds up when you buy a lot at one go. And I already have 2 RDG 6" rulers!

    Here's my shopping list - what should I add/leave off/change?

    11-piece MT3 collet set (need to check drawbar size)
    MT3 indexable face mill (need to check drawbar size)
    MT3 keyless 1-16mm chuck (1/2" BSW drawbar)
    12-piece set of metric end & ball mills
    centre drill set
    Vertex K6 milling vice
    metric tap and die set
    1 - 10mm in .1mm HSS drill set

    Thats 362 (I added a couple of things!)

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    I was only slightly dubious because I web searched it and found two interesting thoughts. Some bod in Yankland saying an early 80's refurbed MH-600P was worth about $1500 so my bid was about right. Someone else saying his had crashed and the only thing coming on was the hydraulic motor.

    Hydraulic motor :confused:

    Also I'm changing units up on the industrial estate. My landlord has plans to turn my shop in to a building site over December and there was another one going that was warmer, drier, better lit and slightly cheaper to boot. I do like my creature comforts but probably best not to buy large milling machines until I've settled in.

    I bought my set of ER32 collets and a #40 chuck for under a hundred on fleabay then sold the chuck so I got my collets for just over 70 which was good back then.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    Ballscrews drivers touchscreen PSU Are you going to keep it manual? if so you need a rotary table....Unless your hand eye co-ordination is amazing :D
    No I will CNC it eventually... I suppose boring head and a rotary table are the next things...

    I already have a 48v 15A PSU and a 70v 9A one and the drivers I'll make myself... so its just steppers, ballscrews and other bits n bobs I'll need, but they'll have to wait a while...

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