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    Hi All, I have brought a Boxford VMC 300 and need the software, Does anyone have this software that they would like to sell me.


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    Hi Andy,
    You would be much better with a Mach3 conversion.
    I had the exact same problem a few month ago. I bought a VMC 260 and it came without any sofware... And Boxford won't sell you software unless you are in the education business...
    Any way, I found Mach3 much more friendly and it runs of a modern Windows PC.

    VMC 260 and the 300 are cousins really... So If you need / want help on conversion let me know. Too bad you are so far from me, I could have come to your place to help...


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    Me too , i have bought a Boxford 300VMC and i have need too the program, did you have find a solution ?
    Thanks for your help.

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