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    Just get an older computer with built in Parallel port, The Dell Optiflex works out fine.
    If you are collecting it from ARC you are free to call into here, M1 J24, and pick a computer up if you want I normally keep a few in stock
    John S -

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    Thanks, John.

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    i dont know what breakout board i have. got it with 3 m542's as a kit.. not tested yet. so how do i tell what board i have... is there an ic on board...


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    bit late to the thread. interesting about mach3 and the system timer enabling real time control. I wondered how that worked since desktop OS'es are not supposed to be real time. is this an issue with Linux CNC (emc2)? in fact I thought it made sense that an external controller did the well controlling since that was the only thing it had to do. I was wondering if you had any experience with the Smoothie project. it runs on a low cost ARM board and contains its own g-code interpreter.

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