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  1. I know its been a while, for many many reasons (family, work, etc. ), since I've been on the site (or, for that matter, in the garage - not touched any projects for nearly a year I think). Anyway I'm back, though I definitely won't be here every night til the ungodly hours of the morning like I used to be (that was one of the issues too). Trying to get a bit more focus on life/work balance, which also means being out on my bicycle whenever I can (whatever the weather).


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    Glad to see you back Irving

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    Good to hear from you again Irving :-)
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    I did wonder. I started a, "What happened to Irving?" thread after you'd been missing for a year but no search parties were sent

    Glad to hear the rumours of your death were exagerrated.

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    Just when I thought I'll have the most posts on the forum soon...

    :) Glad you're back...I was going to send you a message a few days ago actually. I've added to your motor calculation spreadsheet to include pulleys in the calculation - their inertia and the ratio and added rotating ballnut option. Thought it best to ask you before posting it?

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    Welcome back, good to hear you're well.
    The balance thing is never easy :(

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    Welcome back Irving I've never had the pleasure but glad we have another active Mod/wizz we can call on for help

    James and Luke

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