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    Just a line to say Hello.

    Two CNC machines built so far, so perhaps I can help others just starting out.
    Software used :- Mach3 and Flashcut.
    Machines :- Emco 220 and an Emco F1

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    Hi Fisherjim,

    Welcome to the forum. Just in the final stages of my first machine (SWMBO says last too). Decent bunch of people here and most of us could use a bit of expert advice.

    I assume one of your machines is a plasma? That was to be my next project. Don't suppose you have any pictures or a build log to post.....;)

    Regards, Jeff.
    Nothing is a sufficiently talented fool!

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    No, one is a Production Lathe with 8 tool toolchanger and the F1 is a small precision training mill.
    I'll try to get some photos done.
    I think a build log would take up rather a lot of space, each machine took me around 6months to convert and too much money to tell the wife about. Good experence though and trial and error a good teacher.


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