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    Hi Don

    Is this a UK company that has supplied the machine?

    I'm just curious no other reason!


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    Hi all

    I take it the power cube is the plug in transformer and what I thought looked a bit botched too. I also thought it was odd the fan in the top blows air in, and the exit on the front has a filter over it trapping the dust inside, where I would have thought the fan on top would have sucked the air out the hottest area and to avoid clogging up the inside the air would have been drawn through the filter, but for now its still under warrenty so it will stay as it is.

    On a good note my legal chums advice seemed to work as this morning they said they could send me the part which they think is the power supply and I can install it, or send it back and they would fix it. Not being great at electronics and was told by my legal chum not to touch it as if that isn't the problem they can then blame me if anything else is wrong saying I messed up, so the box is now boxed up very well and ready to go.

    I couldn't take a picture of inside as my old camera wouldn't fit in the gap and focus at the close range :(

    As for company yes it is a UK based company that make them rather than import them, and from an actual build point of view the router itself is incredibly solid, but I've had a few niggles, just daft things they seem to have overlooked, but will reserve my judgement until after its fixed, as so far it's been brilliant in doing what it does, and I lvoe it to bits.

    Many thanks for all your help and I will post what was wrong when fixed.

    J Don

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    Yep the power cube is the plug in tranny. You are correct in saying that the fan should be extracting the hot air from the top of the enclosure.
    Let us know how you get on.


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    Hi All

    Sorry for taking so long to get back, but have been silly busy with work.

    Anyway the problem turned out as the guy said to be an internal fuse in the power supply, which was the larger silver box at the back, so they fixed that, but I thought kind of silly of a manufacture to put a fuse internally where it can't easily be reached if it should blow. They also turned the fan around so now it sucks in air via the filter and blows it out the top, but once back working I found my tool height sensor no longer works. Its not the sensor itself on the pendant you push menu then the on/off button and it start a sequence that moves the x axis down to set the tool height but when I hit those buttons nothing happens. The guy so far hasn't got back, but says they are on two separate power systems so wouldn't be connected, but seems very coincidental to me that something blows and something then doesn't work, so will wait and see what he says.

    Thanks again for everyones help.


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    Strange for the internal fuse in the psu to blow. Most decent psu's have short circuit and overload protection to prevent damage so shouldnt blow the fuse.
    Keep us updated on your progress.


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    Hi All

    Sorry for the long delay, but the company said to reinstall the pendant software to cure the tool height setter not working so not being too good at stuff like that, I left it until I had done all the jobs needed, (just in case I buggered it up) and reinstalled it as per the manual and it still did the same, as in your press the two buttons to start the automatic tool height setting and as before it jumps straight to the end without moving. However someone local who works with a cnc router said he didn't think it was a software problem as the pendant works fine with everything else, and the pendant thinks it's set the tool height when activated, so he thought it could be either a duff cable which for some unknown reason has shorted out (bearing in mind we still don't know what caused it to blow the power supply in the first place) and is sending a false signal to the tool height setter so it thinks it's set the height or a controller card problem.

    So I contact the company to find out what the cable was as I can get one locally then take it back if it's not that before getting onto the controller card, but it seems the company is happy to sell you stuff, but when it comes to problems well it took them days to get back to me each time when I rung or e-mailed about the loss of power problem more times than not they never got back, and I had to re-contact them for an answer and now I don't even get a reply, to e-mails or when I ring get told he is not available.

    So if anyone reads this that has the same controller pendant thingy as shown on the first page, if you know what the cable is that connects it up I would be grateful if you could let me know. It's going to be scsi or parallel, and did take it into the local pc world but the guy in there was clearly not on the same planet as the rest of us and just shrugged.

    I have googled it but can't seem to find any mention of the cable used, and a chum said he thought it was a scsi cable, but wasn't sure. I cna post pics of the ends if that will help.

    :) Don

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    Yep post pics. Also of the THS it's self if possible.

    I don't think it will be the pendent or the cable it will be the tool height setter thats sending the signal to ground so the controller thinks it's finished.? The pendent just tells the controller to activate the THS routine the controller then monitors the input that the THS is set too. Really the controller should check to see if the input is already high and give an error message saying so.!!

    I would check the THS cable and the assembly it's self to see if any metal has got stuck between the pad and the body.? This would send it to ground.

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    You may find they won't talk to you because they don't know how to fix it!
    Hopefully between the forum members we can get you up and running.

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    Hi all

    I'll take a pic of the tool height setter tomorrow and check those other suggestions, but wondered if I touched the two plug terminals of the THS with a circuit tester and apply pressure to the pad would that make or break the circuit and tell me if it works or not??

    As for your suggestion Andy, I got the impression when it first blew a fuse the guy that runs, owns the company only has limited knowledge and employs an electrician to do the wiring, but you can never speak to him, it's always relay the info through the boss bloke, where it would be much easier to just speak to the electrical guy and explain it direct and get a direct answer back.

    :) Don

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    Quote Originally Posted by don_jarr View Post
    I'll take a pic of the tool height setter tomorrow and check those other suggestions, but wondered if I touched the two plug terminals of the THS with a circuit tester and apply pressure to the pad would that make or break the circuit and tell me if it works or not??Don
    First unplug the THS.
    Now basicly you want to be able to short the 2 wires of the socket leading to the control box NOT the THS. This can be done by bareing the ends of a short length of wire, attach one end of wire to 1 pin, any it doesn't matter which, while leaving the other unattached.!

    Now push the button to set tool height on the pendent and it should start to work like it was going to set the tool height.! Before the Tool actually reaches the tool height setter pad short the other end of the wire to the other pin. This will send the signal to the control just like the THS would.

    If this works like I've just described then it's the THS thats faulty or has a broken wire. If nothng happens when THS disconnected then it will need further investigation.

    Other things it could be are:

    The remaining wire to control box is broken.
    Faulty or damaged input on the break out board.
    Software issue
    Pendent faulty (Should be able to confirm by manualy activate THS setting routine by issueing a M code starting the THS macro, obviously will need to know the macro code to do this.!)

    EDIT: There is a quick way to tell if the THS setters broke and partly verify software/pendent is ok without shorting wire.? . . . . Unplug THS then push pendent button if the machine starts the routine like normal the hit the ESTOP before it hits anything.
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