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    Hi all

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, just been one of those weeks.

    So from that useful advice it seems the THS is permanently on if you like. I also put a circuit tester on it and found it's connected all the time as in doesn't matter if you push down on it or not. I then tried running the THS routine without it connected and it starts the routine fine, so am guessing there is something wrong with THS, so have contacted the firm to see what they say.

    However they didn't reply to my last e-mail or return phone calls so fingers crossed they reply this time.

    Many thanks


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    can you post a photo of the tool height setter so we can see it? Have you checked if you can unplug the THS cable from the controller and can you unplug the cable from the THS switch? This could be a very simple fault but this will let you test it.


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    Hi All

    So after bombarding this firm with e-mails and phone calls finally I got a reply and they said to send it back to be checked. Apparently it should be always open, only closing when the tool hits it, so guessing there's a fault somewhere.

    I tested it by running the THS program without it connected and it started to descend, but if the THS is plugged in it instantly stops, but also put a circuit tester on the jack plug to the THS and found the circuit was closed, and its suppose to be open.

    I'll send it back and see what they say.

    Many thanks

    :) Don

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